Graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1999, the Catalan artist Agusil immediately embarked on a brilliant career as a painter. Fascinated by women's faces, he was quickly drawn to the portraits he produced for many years alongside his cousin Maria, with whom he developed a unique technique.

Defining their pictorial practice as "polyhedral", the duo uses many techniques to create their works. First painted in oil and acrylic, the canvas then undergoes joint work on this mixed pictorial material with a spatula or brush: this process allows Agusil to play with finishes, light and textures. Made in powerfully colored tones, the portraits are painted with vivacity with short and precise gestures. Sensitive to the work of their contemporaries such as the Chinese artist Yang Shaobin (born in 1963), the Spanish painter Santiago Ydáñez (born in 1969) or the French portraitist Françoise Nielly, the two artists are in the continuity of the artistic movement of Action Painting, which favors the physical act of painting.