Dufilho's passion for art and sculpture traces back to his childhood, where he was introduced to the plastic arts by his great-uncle Jacques, an actor, artist, and Bugatti collector. Since then, his artistic journey has been a fusion of familial influences, multidisciplinary education, and a self-taught approach to creation.

A graduate of the École d'Architecture et de Paysage de Lille, Dufilho developed a new approach to sculpture, where he breaks down forms into successive layers, creating an alternation between symmetry and asymmetry that captures movement in static objects. His first sculpture, a Bugatti created as a gift for his father's 60th birthday, was the catalyst that led him to leave architecture and fully dedicate himself to sculpture.

With a team of three people, Dufilho produces between 20 and 35 pieces per year, each composed of between 60 and 300 components cut, machined, and finished with ultra-precise precision. Using primarily metal, steel, and aluminum, as well as local noble woods, his sculptures retain the unmistakable lines of the iconic vehicles in automotive history.

Although he subcontracts the laser cutting of metal sheets, Dufilho completes each work with his prodigious skill and craftsmanship. This meticulous approach extends to his commitment to sustainability, using exclusively local materials and resources in his creative process.

The end result is breathtaking sculptures that challenge the viewer's perception, generating optical and kinetic illusions that invite a deeper exploration of form and movement. Antoine Dufilho's work not only honors his family legacy and educational background but also marks his position as one of the leading contemporary sculptors, whose art transcends boundaries and ignites the imagination of those who behold it.

Porsche 992 Black, 2023, 17 x 85 x 38 cm
Porsche 992 Black, 2023, 17 x 85 x 38 cm