French artist in her forties, her universe is very feminine and quirky. 

Photography has always fascinated her. She evokes Helmut Newton as absolute master, cites Barbara Kruger, Richard Avedon, Mel Ramos and Russel James as idols. 

However, Cécile quickly lets herself be caught up in a career in finance which will leave her little time for photography. 

It was when she moved to Brussels that she finally decided to devote herself to it. For three years, she has been working on light within the Contraste agency. 

During her many travels, she studies its nuances: morning light in Senegal or the Mediterranean, midday light in Miami, Madagascar; but also the lights of Broadway at night... 

Inspired by her female friendships and to have fun with the derisory, she also created a series featuring Barbie, a heroine who, according to her, is more than ever in the image of our era.

 Like a journey into our imagination, just a little offbeat...

MIROIR ( poche ) - 125 x 165 cm
MIROIR ( poche ) - 125 x 165 cm