Cécile, a French artist, embodies a distinctly feminine and quirky universe in her work. While always fascinated by photography, she acknowledges Helmut Newton as a master and cites idols such as Barbara Kruger, Richard Avedon, Mel Ramos, and Russel James.

Despite her passion for photography, Cécile initially pursued a career in finance, leaving little time for her artistic pursuits. However, upon relocating to Brussels, she finally decided to dedicate herself fully to her craft. For the past three years, she has been honing her skills in light manipulation at the Contraste agency.

Throughout her numerous travels, Cécile meticulously studies the nuances of light: from the morning light in Senegal or the Mediterranean, to the midday sun in Miami and Madagascar, and even the illuminations of Broadway at night.

Drawing inspiration from her female friendships and infusing elements of whimsy into her work, Cécile also created a series featuring Barbie as a protagonist—a character she believes reflects the spirit of our era more than ever.

Her art serves as a journey into our imagination, albeit one that ventures slightly beyond the ordinary.

MIROIR ( poche ) - 125 x 165 cm
MIROIR ( poche ) - 125 x 165 cm