Born in 1984 into a Franco-Israeli cultural blend, YounS, also known as Yoni Lallouche, has emerged as a visionary digital artist challenging the conventions of contemporary art. Raised between the suburbs of Paris and Tel Aviv, YounS has absorbed the richness and diversity of these cities, infusing his works with a unique blend of urban and cultural influences.

In 2022, YounS unveiled his stunning collection "QontRast," a bold exploration of the intersection between the physical and the virtual in the 3.0 era. With these pieces, YounS seeks to transcend mere aesthetics and delve into the deeper meaning of existence in an increasingly digitized world. Through the masterful use of lenticular art, he brings his creations to life, challenging the viewer to question the boundaries between the real and the imagined.

A distinctive feature of the "QontRast" collection is its focus on portraying women. For YounS, women embody the very essence of beauty, strength, and complexity, and his works aim to celebrate and honor this diversity. Each piece in the collection is more than just a portrait; it is a tribute to femininity in all its forms and expressions.

Behind YounS's vibrant creativity lies a poignant personal story. The inspiration and support of his cousin, Steeve, have been pivotal in his artistic journey. Following Steeve's passing, YounS found in his art a way to preserve his legacy and honor his memory. Thus, the "QontRast" collection becomes a testament to human connection and the transformative power of art.

Through his art, YounS challenges not only the boundaries of the digital world but also our perceptions of beauty, meaning, and connection in an increasingly complex and changing world. His work is a reminder that, even in the digital age, art remains a powerful expression of humanity and creativity.

Aurora, 2024, 94 x 94 cm
Aurora, 2024, 94 x 94 cm