Cyril Maccioni, born in 1975 on the beautiful island of Corsica, is a multifaceted artist whose passion for creation has become the central focus of his life. From a young age, Cyril felt the call of creativity, exploring various forms of expression throughout his journey. A graduate of the University of Corsica, his path led him from serving as a firefighter to delving into the world of professional modeling, before ultimately finding his true calling in art.

Inspired by the landscapes and culture of his homeland, as well as his travel experiences around the world, Cyril found in creation a way to merge his passions and express his unique vision of the world. In 2010, he took a bold step towards realizing his dream by establishing his own workshop in Vignale, Upper Corsica, where he immerses himself in experimentation with a wide range of materials, from concrete and wood to steel and glass.

As a sculptor and visual artist, Cyril Maccioni transcends traditional conventions, transforming everyday objects into unique works of art that evoke a sense of serenity and balance. His minimalist style is defined by clean lines and geometric shapes, reflecting his deep appreciation for aesthetics and functionality. Through his work, Cyril seeks not only to capture the essence of Corsican identity but also to infuse his creations with a contemporary note that makes them relevant in today's artistic landscape.

With a career in constant evolution, Cyril Maccioni continues to explore new frontiers in art, challenging expectations and surprising his audience with his innovative creativity. His work has been exhibited in galleries and art fairs worldwide, earning recognition and admiration for his ability to blend the traditional with the modern, the familiar with the surprising. In each sculpture and visual piece, Cyril invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of beauty and contemplation, where simplicity becomes an art form.