Dasha Skorubska-Kandinsky, born in Kiev in 1985, hails from an illustrious family of artists. Graduating from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kiev with a master's degree, Dasha not only inherited the artistic talent of her lineage but also developed her own distinctive style over the years.

After completing her academic training, Dasha ventured to New York, where she has been honing her craft for over 15 years. Inspired by the teachings of her father, the renowned post-Soviet pop artist Anton S. Kandinsky, Dasha blends elements of mystical expressionism, explicit sexuality, and symbolic mythology in her works. She firmly believes that a work of art must be syncretic, combining both myth and aesthetics to achieve a complete visual and philosophical harmony.

The influence of her father, who gained fame with his unique style known as 'Gemism,' is reflected in Dasha's innovative and theoretical approach to contemporary art. 'Gemism,' an artistic movement that fuses various currents such as impressionism, abstractionism, suprematism, and surrealism, serves as a continuous source of inspiration for Dasha in her quest to express the transience of life and the fragility of the human body.

Through her works, Dasha Skorubska-Kandinsky not only honors her family's artistic legacy but also establishes her own place in the world of contemporary art, exploring and transcending the boundaries of visual and philosophical expression.