Epokone, a French artist, was born in 1981 in the southern suburbs of Paris. Quickly, he integrated an art school where he had the opportunity to explore graffiti and hip hop. Epokone developed his artistic style using canvas as his favorite material, quickly attracting the interest of numerous galleries.

His works, very colorful, energetic, and bright, fall within the trend of street art. "The art of rhyme and love for art," this quote summarizes the life and passion of this artist through two artistic realms: rap music (or hip hop) and visual arts.

In summary, "the art of rhyme and love for art" encapsulates the essence of his artistic commitment that merges the musicality and poetry of rap with the creativity and aesthetics of visual arts. In a world weakened by war and division, the artist chose to seek light in the midst of darkness through his creations. The "stormtrooper by Epokone" expresses this search and conveys a message of humanity, peace, and hope.