Frank E Hollywood is a distinguished contemporary artist from the Netherlands. He received his education at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda, where he began exploring the boundaries between autonomous and commercial art early in his career.

Frank's art explores the interplay between past, present and future. Rather than simply reinterpreting historical subjects, he draws on a shared visual memory of the past to create something genuinely innovative and extraordinary.

Like the Renaissance masters, his vivid works are full of allegorical symbolism, but with a modern twist. Emulating the spirit of the Renaissance polymath, Frank aspires to embody the modern Renaissance artist, the "uomo universale". His work encompasses a variety of media and techniques, including oil paintings and marble sculptures, chosen to best convey his artistic vision. His acclaimed techniques have certainly captured the attention of the artistic community.

Originally from Amsterdam, Frank is represented by art galleries in both Amsterdam and Denmark. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe at leading galleries and prominent art fairs.

Frank is also a familiar face on Dutch television, being frequently discussed in art programmes. He has made appearances on shows such as Dream School, MTV Moneymakers and Stars on the Canvas, among others.

A very collectible artist, Frank E Hollywood is definitely one to watch out for.