Geraud Delteil, hailing from Auvernia, Corsica, is a self-taught artist whose passion for art has led him to explore a wide range of mediums and styles throughout his life. From his humble beginnings sketching everything he could recall to his stunning works on canvas with an airbrush, Delteil has left a distinctive mark on the world of contemporary art.

His artistic journey began with creating drawings, posters, logos, and small comics, delving into themes ranging from boats to helmets, and from surfing to cars and motorcycles. In the 90s, he immersed himself in the world of graffiti, where he found a form of expression that deeply resonated with him. Throughout that decade, graffiti murals became an integral part of his style, always populated by vibrant and lively characters.

With the turn of the millennium, Delteil evolved towards canvas and airbrush, allowing him to explore a new dimension in his art. Since then, his works have begun to blend elements of Streetart, Popart, and Geekart, creating a unique amalgamation that captivates the viewer with its explosion of intense colors and playful aesthetics.

What sets Delteil's work apart is his ability to reinterpret familiar characters from his own perspective, infusing each piece with an unmatched energy and vitality. His commitment to art that is both fun and meaningful is reflected in every stroke and every detail of his creations.

Today, Geraud Delteil's works continue to leave a lasting impression on all those privileged to experience them. His ability to blend diverse influences into a distinct and original style makes him an inspiring force in the world of contemporary art, and his legacy will endure far beyond his time.