Idan Zareski, born in Haifa, Israel, in 1968, is a self-taught sculptor of Franco-Israeli origin, whose life has led him to explore diverse cultures and countries around the world. Inspired by his multicultural experiences, his art has become a reflection of the diversity and richness of human life.

Throughout his career, Zareski has challenged conventions by not following formal training in art or anatomy. Instead, he is guided by his emotions and instinct, creating sculptures that capture the essence of movement and emotion. His creative process is spontaneous and energetic, with most of his works being sculpted in less than an hour.

Using materials such as water, fire, and clay, Zareski brings his sculptures to life, which are then cast in bronze or resin. Amazed by the ability of art to convey emotions without the need for words, each of his works is an expression of connection and universality.

Currently based in Costa Rica, Zareski continues to expand his artistic reach, with exhibitions in countries such as France, Monaco, Switzerland, Italy, Colombia, the United States, and Canada. His work transcends borders and cultures, reminding us of the beauty and importance of diversity in the world of art and beyond.