Michelino Iorizzo, born in Rome in 1971, is an Italian artist whose work reflects a constant exploration between the abstract and the figurative, between reality and imagination. Graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1993, he continued his training at Hubei University in China, thus expanding his artistic and cultural horizon.

Initially, Iorizzo dedicated himself to representing abstract-figurative landscapes, but soon embarked on an artistic quest focused on female portraits. His works, characterized by mysterious and sometimes melancholic faces, are the product of his imagination and deep inner world. Through his pictorial technique, Iorizzo manages to imbue each face with an antique patina, connecting them with the past and conveying a sense of timelessness.

Iorizzo's work stands out for its vibrant intensity and palpable passion, oscillating between the pursuit of realism and the conscious transformation of reality. His versatility is reflected in his ability to explore different artistic forms, from painting to sculpture, through ceramics and ancient iconography techniques.

Iorizzo's creations have been exhibited in important museums and galleries around the world, from the "Claudio Faina" Etruscan Museum in Orvieto, Italy, to the Museum of Modern Art of Hubei Province in China. Additionally, his work has been highlighted in various media outlets, including reports on Italian national television.

In summary, Michelino Iorizzo is a restless and visionary artist whose work transcends borders and cultures, conveying universal emotions and reflections through his unique artistic expression.