Laurence has always been passionate about photography, and she first expressed herself artistically through photo collages. With her head in the stars and her feet firmly rooted in the ground, she dreamt of being an air traffic controller and passed the ENAC entry exam in Toulouse. However, living far away from her close relatives was not an option for Laurence, who values family above all. She, therefore, chose to study optics and optometry in Marseilles. She did not yet realise that the eye is intrinsically linked to art - would a work exist without the eyes of the spectator? - or that her destiny lay elsewhere. The collages she made out of fashion magazine photos to showcase the brands of glasses she was selling in her shop in Aix soon had more success than the frames! In 2001, Laurence Litomi devoted herself entirely to her passion for art.
This perfectionist and meticulous student of nature than had a go at all the artistic disciplines on offer: photography, drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery and digital art. A Japanese painting teacher helped her find her style by introducing her to colours and their harmonies. Two to three times a week for more than three years, the two women took their easels out into the natural environment and tirelessly painted all the shades of colours. When Laurence Litomi returned to her first love, photography, and imagined its projection onto metal, she turned to natural pigments to create her own colours and obtain perfect harmony.
This good student makes no attempt to hide her rock 'n' roll side, which she expresses in combinations of irreverent colours that give her portraits all their emotional power. Her favourite subjects are Steve McQueen, Mick Jagger, Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson and Angelina Jolie. She also produces works based on photographs of anonymous people from her collection and customers' commissions .