Marc Peltzer, a talented artist born in 1962 in Saint Germain en Laye, France, but with deep Belgian roots through his paternal grandfather, has dedicated his life to exploring and expressing his passion for art influenced by Flemish painters. From an early age, Peltzer has been immersed in the world of art, captivated by the use of chiaroscuro and the unique light that characterizes the work of Flemish masters.

This influence is clearly evident in Peltzer's works, especially in his nocturnal paintings depicting imaginary cities and landscapes. In these compositions, the artist captures a specific, almost magical atmosphere that evokes a sense of wonder and contemplation. His masterful command of light is revealed in the skillfully crafted contrasts between the warm lights illuminating human constructions and the cool backgrounds framing the scene, thus creating a sense of depth and mystery.

Most notable about Peltzer's works is his constant quest for harmony between man-made structures and the surrounding nature. Through his art, he seeks to highlight the intrinsic connection between the urban and the natural, using materials such as stone and wood to integrate cities and towns into the landscapes he envisions. For Peltzer, these representations are not mere visual compositions but profound reflections on the relationship between humanity and its environment, serving as a reminder of our responsibility as stewards of the world's balance.

Over the years, Marc Peltzer's work has been widely recognized in the international art scene. Since his first exhibition in 1987, his paintings have been acclaimed and showcased in numerous art fairs and prestigious galleries worldwide, from Paris to Dubai, New York, and Miami.