Miguel Oñate, a contemporary Spanish painter, is an interdisciplinary artist whose work transcends the boundaries between abstraction and figurative painting. Born in Spain, Miguel immersed himself in the world of art from an early age, exploring his talent and passion for creativity.

A graduate in Fine Arts from San Carlos, UPV, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Miguel has used this solid education as a platform for his ongoing artistic exploration. Inspired by surrealistic principles, his work is characterized by weaving dreamlike worlds that challenge reality and transport the viewer to a realm of boundless imagination.

In Miguel Oñate's paintings, the viewer is immediately captivated by the vibrant chromaticism and technical mastery, but it is beyond the surface where the true impact lies. Miguel delves into the structure of space, exploring the limits of plastic art and challenging opposing concepts such as order and chaos, strength and weakness, birth and destruction.

His artistic vision extends beyond the conventional, incorporating both geometric and organic structures that intertwine to form imaginary landscapes that invite reflection and active interpretation by the viewer. Through this exploration, Miguel Oñate challenges one-dimensional thinking and leaves his viewers with intriguing questions.

Miguel Oñate's work has been recognized with numerous painting awards and collaborations with galleries in Spain and abroad, including France, Germany, and the United States. His works have found a home in private collections and prestigious museums such as the MEAM in Barcelona, the Museo Infanta Elena de Tomelloso, and the Museo Municipal de Albacete, among others.

With his innovative approach and unique fusion of abstraction and figurative expression, Miguel Oñate continues to leave an indelible mark on the contemporary art scene, inspiring through his creativity and constant exploration of new materials and concepts.