Monika Nowak is an artist born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, into a family of Polish artists. Inspired from an early age by her mother, an actress in a theater company in Krakow, as well as by heroines from Hitchcock's films, rock music, and fantasy literature, Nowak found her passion and vocation in art.

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts and the Superior School of Arts and Graphic Industries (Estienne) in Paris, Monika Nowak began her career as an Art Director in global communication agencies. However, the desire to create for herself led her to break free from the constraints of advertising and give life to her early artistic passions.

Nowak's work is distinguished by being an exploration of her intuition, energetic, willful, and independent. Through her art, she develops an epic and powerful universe, inspired by the imagery of fantasy and science fiction films but always imbued with her personal vision. Her heroines, embodied in sexy-pop women, are a manifestation of the complexity of contemporary women, reflecting a blend of attributes ranging from fragility to strength, from sweetness to provocation.

In addition to her artistic exploration, Monika Nowak is a passionate advocate for human rights, using her art as a means to express her strong views on the status of women worldwide. She firmly believes in the importance of art as a vehicle for promoting women's freedom and challenging social constraints.

Throughout her career, Nowak has successfully exhibited her work in France, Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, solidifying her reputation as a prominent figure in contemporary art. Her work, characterized by vibrant colors, captivating narratives, and powerful visual expression, invites reflection on the human condition and the role of art in today's society. Monika Nowak continues to challenge conventions and explore new artistic frontiers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of contemporary art.