Ramón Martínez Buades, born in Valencia in 1974, is a contemporary artist whose work is characterized by his exploration of the interplay between abstract painting and geometric forms within the urban space. From an early age, Martínez displayed an innate interest in art, blending his passion for painting with a fascination for popular music, particularly rock and its derivatives.

His academic background in Fine Arts provided him with a solid foundation in artistic techniques and art theory, but it was his ability to freely explore his creativity that led him to develop a unique approach in his artistic practice. From the first year in college, Martínez was drawn to abstract painting and geometric forms, merging abstract expressionism with meticulous attention to structure and design.

Martínez immerses himself in urban spaces in search of fleeting moments and surprising details that often go unnoticed by many. His work reflects a deep exploration and understanding of urban reality, going beyond mere expression of emotions to become a method of knowledge and exploration of the concrete in all its complexity.

Through his painting and sculpture, Martínez unveils the structures and chromatics of the streets, offering a unique perspective that invites the viewer to reflect on the visual and emotional aspects of the urban environment. His art is a testament to the richness and depth that art can bring to the understanding of our world.