Ron Zohar is a multinational sculptor based in Madrid, Spain, since 2006. She graduated in multidisciplinary arts from Tel Aviv University and now primarily focuses on sculpture in a variety of materials and finishes, as well as photographing her own sculptures.

She discovered art around the age of 15, an experience that transformed her life by providing a sense of belonging and purpose in the world. Since then, she has dedicated herself to all aspects of the art world. She has exhibited her works in cities such as Paris, Madrid, Monaco, and Zurich, and has been nominated for the prestigious Reina Sofía Prize 2023 at "Casa de Vacas" in Madrid.

As an artist, Zohar frequently explores the relationships between humans and animals, fascinated by the human need to distinguish itself from the "savage." Another recurring theme in her work is the formation of life and motherhood, which she uses as an allegory for artistic creation. She seeks to inspire a neo-feminist and matriarchal world of high resonance, conceiving art as an inherent and essential part of human existence.

Zohar's dedication and talent have earned her numerous awards and recognitions throughout her career, establishing her as a prominent figure in the international art scene.