SA Candela is a contemporary artist specialising in painting and sculpture. He started his artistic career in Strasbourg, where he exhibited his works at Graphigro and Crédit Agricole's headquarters. He also participated in exhibitions in various galleries in Alsace, which allowed him to gain recognition in the art world. In 1978, SA Candela moved to Ivory Coast, where he lived for three years. This stay in Africa deeply sensitized him to African art, particularly elephants, which he began to paint and sculpt. He created masks using Cold War gas masks and elephant sculptures, which became his trademark. Back in Europe, SA Candela settled in France and continued to work on his art. He started working on canvases of big sizes for his FLOWER series. He adopted the Pop Art and abstract style with bright colours and Japanese influences, which characterize his work.

SA Candela's idols are Kandinsky, Warhol, and Basquiat. He draws inspiration from their work to create his own original creations. In addition to his work on canvas. SA Candela's artwork showcases his love for nature and his passion for contemporary art. His paintings are highly sought after by art collectors all over the world. Currently, SA Candela is

presented by Galerie Alaux  in Valencia. The artist will collaborate with Only You Hotels Valencia to elevate their interior design with two paintings of the FLOWER series.