Sarah Stieber, a vibrant and energetic artist based in San Diego, is recognized for her distinctive style that reflects the dynamic culture of Southern California. Since 2010, she has been immersed in the professional art world, leaving an indelible mark with her unique and expressive work.

Graduating with honors in painting from the University of Boston, Stieber explored color theory, oil technique, and dramatic themes, laying the groundwork for her artistic practice. Her talent has been acclaimed in national competitions, highlighting her victory in a public art contest organized by the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

Throughout her career, Stieber has been commissioned to create centerpiece artworks for prominent projects, such as the redesign of the Courtyard Marriott in downtown San Diego and the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside. Her ability to transform spaces with her vibrant and energetic art has established her as an influential figure in the contemporary art scene.

With a diverse and multifaceted portfolio, Stieber has exhibited her work worldwide and collaborated with global brands such as Topo Chico, Samsung, Penguin Random House, and Marriott. Her distinctive voice resonates through her paintings, public murals, art-inspired jewelry, and interiors, conveying a message of empowerment and full expression.

Recognized as one of San Diego's leading contemporary artists, Stieber has been praised for her ability to capture the essence of California life with her bright color palette and lively style. Her work has been featured in renowned media outlets and has garnered praise from critics and enthusiasts alike. In summary, Sarah Stieber continues to make an indelible mark on the art world with her creativity, passion, and commitment to artistic expression.

"Heart Says Go  Gut Says No ", 2023, 76 x 122 cm
"Heart Says Go Gut Says No ", 2023, 76 x 122 cm
Awarewolf, 2023, 103 x 76,5 cm
Awarewolf, 2023, 103 x 76,5 cm