Isabelle Scheltjens, a prominent Belgian artist born in 1981, has devoted her life to art from an early age. Trained at the Institute of Decorative Arts and Crafts in the City of Antwerp (SISA), her passion for creative expression found its zenith in the medium of glass, inspired by the magnificent creations of her husband, Dirk Neefs.

With masterful skill, Scheltjens merges the tradition of mosaic with contemporary art, using glass pieces of various sizes and textures to create surprisingly detailed and expressive portraits. Through a unique fusion technique, she breathes life into her works, capturing the essence of her subjects with exceptional depth and realism.

Renowned for her portraits of elegant women, each of Scheltjens' works is an ode to beauty and human expression. Her mastery of color, light, and composition turns each piece into a unique and moving visual experience, continuing to captivate audiences worldwide.