"Shan Project, artist sculptor: bio, ratings, buy her work

Attention all lovers of contemporary art, especially sculpture: Anyel Martinez, aka "Shan Project", celebrates the union of art and metallurgy with an almost religious fervour! "My work is noble, pure and essential, just like the steel that forms its framework. By fusing various techniques, I have forged an art form with an eternal essence that is sure to captivate the eye and the heart," he asserts with palpable assurance.

With 17 years' experience in metalwork, he has made his dream come true by combining it with his passion for animals. The source of his inspiration? His devotion to his pet, which led him to create his first personalised polygonal sculpture, embellished with various finishes to enhance its features. Since then, he has sculpted a variety of animals in unique ways, created to magnify the animal kingdom. In short, Shan_project's art is exclusive, with exquisite finishes and great sentimental value, which will certainly not leave you indifferent... An artist to discover absolutely!

Shan Project, artist sculptor

Shan Project, whose real name is Anyel Martinez, is an artist sculptor whose creations are captivating the world. She hails from Villena in Spain. What makes him special? Originally a welder, he has managed to merge his passion for animals and his craft into a trademark that is now internationally recognised!

A seasoned metal professional, Shan_project one day decided to combine what he knew best - working with metal - with what he loved most, his dog Rocko. The result was a polygonal sculpture inspired by the animal's head, a spark of genius that, fuelled by love and hours of dedication, became a source of inspiration for his life project.

After completing his intermediate and higher vocational training in machining, Shan Project began producing metal solutions on the job market. After 17 years in the trade, he had the idea of decorating his new home with an allegorical figure of his pet. He was inspired by 3D polygonal modelling and the possibilities offered by the new three-dimensional printers, while adapting these techniques to his favourite field: metal!

The sculptures of Shan_project

Thanks to laser cutting, modelling on CNC bending machines and welding, Shan Project is able to create animal versions with the innovative touch that art requires, while retaining an authenticity that makes them instantly recognisable. His works, like all artistic creations, are unique and numbered. They are small, very limited collections, already distributed on request around the world.

Navarro Santafé's worthy successor

In the mid-twentieth century, Villena sculptor Antonio Navarro Santafé made his mark on the Spanish art scene with his animal sculptures. His works have become emblems in several Spanish cities, such as "The Bear and the Tree" in Madrid, the "Lidia Bull" in Puerto de Santa María and the "Monument to the Horse" in Jerez de la Frontera. To these can be added numerous bullfighting works that consolidated his reputation as an animal sculptor.

Almost a century later, Shan Project has focused its work on representing animals in stainless steel, Corten steel and glass. After the Rocko dog, you can admire works representing other breeds of dog such as the Doberman, the Boxer or the English Bulldog. A gorilla, a cockerel, a cat, a bull and a horse's head are among the works in his collection, to which he will soon add the figure of a panther.

Works of art

Mastering the art of impeccable faceting and welds that add volume and angles, Shan Project transforms metal into large, vibrantly coloured animal pieces, tinged with pop art. From an early age, 'connected' to the world of metal and art, he has expressed his deep passion for respecting biodiversity, and has devoted himself entirely to animals to celebrate coexistence. "I seek to capture the expression of life itself," he says.

Somewhat paradoxically, it is the internationalisation of his work that has earned Shan_project recognition in his native Spain. His work can now be seen in a number of Spanish cities, including Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Altea, as well as in more remote parts of the country such as Galicia. The magnetism of his finishes, coupled with the countless facets of each sculpture, breathe a life of their own into his creations, which leave no one indifferent.

This reputation, patiently built up, has travelled far and wide, and the artist will soon be exhibiting his work in various art galleries in Dubai. The cradle of luxury takes a look at the art of a man from Villena who, like many others, had to leave his home town to be acclaimed!

Shan Project: quotation and price

Shan Project is definitely in demand in Spain. The proof? The mayor of Villena (his home town), Fulgencio Cerdán, and the deputy for economic development, Paula García, visited his studio! It's worth remembering that the artist's metal sculptures are snapped up in the most exclusive markets around the world, and are particularly successful in the United States and Asian countries. An expert in metalwork, Shan_project has developed an impressive ability to export his creations, polyhedral animal sculptures that have established themselves as a recognisable and esteemed signature in the international art world.

From his studio in Villena, Shan Project takes on commissions from countries as diverse as Mexico, the United States and many Asian countries, where his works are valued in the luxury and top-of-the-range segment, and the prices reflect this... Entry price? Just under €3,000 for his 'Cat Fire Series', a 40cm cat sculpture in stainless steel. However, prices can rise to over €16,000 for his 'White Lion', a sublime 120 cm sculpture of a white lion, also in stainless steel.

Where can you see Shan Project's work?

Today, his sculptures can be found in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Italy and England (among others), and are appreciated by celebrities from the worlds of football, music and business. Indeed, many celebrities are seduced by Shan_project's artistic creations, and do not hesitate to contact him to place an order. Among his best-known clients is Betis Sevilla player Joaquín Sánchez, who has purchased a bust of a bull. He is not the only fan among the footballers, as some of the biggest names in international football are also regular customers, although they prefer to remain anonymous.

Dubai's art galleries are also interested in his collection of animal sculptures. Of course, Shan Project's works can also be viewed and purchased at Galerie Alaux!